100 Things Predicted by the Year 2020

Woo! It’s here, the year 2020! Here are 100 amazing things, in no particular order, that futurists in the past predicted for year 2020.

Image: The IXS Enterprise is a NASA concept for a starship capable of faster-than-light travel. The ship has two thick outer rings that generate a warp field – contracting space ahead, while expanding space behind it. Although such a vessel may be centuries or millennia away from becoming a reality, the idea is being taking seriously by the space agency.  – FutureTimeLine

Did these things happen yet? Here are 100 predictions for this year by people in the past:

1. People have relocatable flying houses

2. Houses cleaned by water hoses and flash dryers

3. Houses and furniture made of steel

4. All houses completely fireproof and waterproof

5. Flying cars

6. Roads to be replaced by pneumatic tubes

7. Intelligent apes from breeding programs to be doing all of our manual labor

8. Humans to arrive on Mars

9. Telepathy to be commonplace

10. Teleportation of people and things

11. Portable portals

12. Physical mail delivered by rockets

13. Personal helicopters

14. Private supersonic jets

15. The letters C, X, or Q are removed from the alphabet

16. Women to look like body builders

17. Human feet to become just one big toe

18. Humans using biologically added photosynthesis

19. Disposable socks

20. No buttons, pockets, collars or ties

21. Men never shave

22. Electronic voting from home

23. Tobacco to be out of fashion

24. Coffee and tea to be out of fashion

25. Replacement tooth banks

26. Everyone to be vegetarian

27. All meat is lab grown

28. Nanobots to make eating optional

29. Meals that are a pill

30. Robot therapists

31. Nuclear powered vacuum cleaners

32. No one needs to work

33. Everyone is rich

34. Everyone is able to predict the future

35. Faster than light travel

36. A disintegration ray

37. A shrink ray

38. A Dyson sphere

39. Working hoverboards

40. Time travel

41. Invisible cloaking

42. Storing our minds in computers

43. Human cloning

44. The Matrix, humans living inna virtual world without knowing it

45. All cars are self driving

46. Urine replaces gasoline

47. All cars are electric

48. Cancer is cured

49. Everyone lives to be at least 200 years old

50. All wars are over

51. We have a universally accepted conflict resolution protocol

52. There is no more human slavery anywhere

53. Crime is a brain malfunction easily fixable with a pill

54. Everyone generates their own power and lives off the grid

55. Everyone grows all of their own food

56. We can stop tornadoes

57. We can steer hurricanes

58. Everything is free

59. There is no more money

60. Money is all digital

61. There are no more countries

62. Everyone speaks the same language

63. Translation earbuds allow instantaneous translation

64. We’ve made contact with intelligent aliens

65. Robots clean everything

66. All trash is converted to fuel

67. All power is wireless

68. The world population reaches 8 billion

69. Quantum computers

70. Tractor beams

71. Force fields

72. “Nuke away” spray that makes nuclear waste instantly safe

73. Everyone is their own 24/7 TV channel anyone else can watch

74. Exoskeletons give super strength

75. Fabric self cleans, no washing machines

76. Sonic washing machines

77. Lost species including dinosaurs brought back

78. Typing is done by thinking

79. Lights and appliances respond to gestures

80. All cars have crash avoidance breaking

81. Pizza lasts up to 3 years

82. Every human has internet access

83. There is no more hunger, everyone has food and water

84. Relationships are great: Easy and accurate matchmaking.

85. We have a formula that integrates all fundamental forces in the universe

86. We know what dark matter is.

87. We know what dark energy is.

88. We use neutrinos to communicate.

89. Everyone has a job they enjoy.

90. There is no more harassment.

91. All addictions have been replaced with better ways to spend time.

92. Everyone knows what everyone’s thinking.

93. Everyone has as much privacy as they want at all times.

94. All spiritual and religious differences are resolved.

95. Wooly Mammoths are brought back from extinction.

96. Every species on earth is catalogued.

97. The whole world uses the same units of measurement.

98. Everyone has no cavities, perfect teeth

99. Reverse microwaves to cool things.

100. The 100 Songs of Xeno are finally completed.

Will any of these happen? Well, perhaps during the year 2020. Stay tuned.

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Cheese Man
Cheese Man

I’m okay with all women not looking like body builders this year. Who came up with that strange prediction?

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