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$18 Million Car is World’s Most Expensive

This will probably be the strangest thing I see today: an 18 million dollar car. The Bugatti La voiture Noire presented during at the ’89th Geneva International Motor Show’ in Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday, March 5, 2019 is the world’s most expensive car,sold for $18.9 million to an undisclosed buyer. Looks cool, but…

What would you do with it if someone gave you this car?

I’d drive it once around the block, just to say I did, then sell it and use the proceeds to hold an “Improve the World with $17 million” contest.

What would be the most important issues if ordinary people and not politicians or corporations were to make the choice? Would it be the environment, ending poverty, curing cancer and other diseases, tackling and fixing addictions, ending war and regional conflicts, reforms to address mental health problems, revamping world infrastructure, cleaning up Fukushima and other sources of pollution, new systems to provide clean energy, mass production of fresh water and healhty food for the world, addressing huamn rights abuses?

I like thinking about this stuff, big picture help for humanity. I want us to succeed as a species. We have so many challenges, but we are not immune from extinction. I feel strongly that we need to work together and put aside differences to make it. The devil is in the details, of course.

That’s what I think when I see this strange situation, that we now have in the world an $18 million dollar car.

The more you pay, the more it’s worth.

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I wonder about the company that designed and built this, and has managed to sell it at such a high price… I wonder why they went through with such a project knowing that the result would be such an expensive product. I wonder if maybe they thought about investing the money from this Bugatti into something that could help further advance something like medical technology. I just hope their “big picture” purpose was somewhere along those lines.

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