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There have been over 14 thousand posts from Xeno’s True Strange News Awards sites over the years … not to be confused with the 1950’s True Strange magazines (pictured). Explore the weirdest and most interesting things that happened in the world during the last 15 years.

This page previously tested linking to a few thousand articles to see if it increased or decreased web traffic. Answer: This was a terrible idea. It wiped the site further off the Internet, so I removed the links. Search engines hate link farm type pages. Use a regular site map (xml) for best results.

About True Strange and the New True Strange

There was once a magazine called True Strange put out by bodybuilder Joe Weider and his brother Ben, according to Robert Deis. The articles below are not from any of those magazines. The short run pulp “Men’s Adventure” True Strange magazines were published from 1956 to February 1958. Xeno, an American mindbuilder, purchased the domain in 2017 and moved content from another “true strange stuff” site he ran for years in an attempt to revive and improve upon the True Strange brand.

True Strange News

Links and titles below are now removed as of November 4, 2019. The best way to browse titles is by subject on



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