203,000 PG&E Customers Without Power In California

Well, this is strange news. Pacific Gas & Electric has shut off power to many people in California due to high winds to avoid downed power lines sparking forest fires. Outages could last several days.
More than 1/2 of all counties in the state are expected to experience outages.

Cell phones will operate for a time during outages since cell phone towers have backup batteries and diesel generators, but it is unclear how long each tower will stay up.
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I’m watching live coverage on Periscope at AgendaFreeTV.
Hello Californians, do you have power? The Redding paper had this 4 hours ago:

… PG&E said more than 52,000 customers in Shasta (27,960) and Tehama (24,374) will be affected by the utility‚Äôs Public Safety Shutoff program.

In Shasta County, PG&E said residents in Anderson, greater Redding, Shingletown, Palo Cedro, Cottonwood, Lakehead, Millville, Bella Vista, Oak Run, Whitmore, Igo, Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Big Bend, Ono, Shasta and Burney should be on alert for a possible power shutoff. …


The number of customers to be affected may reach nearly 800,000.

The latest update at the PG&E site as of this writing says it may be several days of no power.
For those using well water, this can also mean no water. Be prepared.

Based on the latest weather readings, PG&E will be turning off power in portions of our service area as outlined below. Once the weather subsides and it is safe to do so, PG&E crews will begin patrolling power lines, repairing damaged equipment and restoring customers.

Outages (weather event plus restoration time) could last longer than 48 hours. For planning purposes, PG&E suggests customers prepare for outages that could last several days.

True Strange News

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