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24-Hr Streaming Video Channels

True Strange News now has several “24-hour video channels” with hand-picked videos you can stream back to back. You can also skip around while watching and you can even add videos (medium difficulty) to these channels from your own YouTube account if you feel like sharing your favorites with others in one of the categories (subject to review.)

There are some full length movies available as well as shorts for “hunkering down” during the virus storm (daily updates here) which we expect will hit the USA full force over the next few months (see the Live News feeds and the Health Channel). Once you get your food, water and other supplies together, you may be doing some cooking, hobbies, and/or exercising where you could use streaming entertainment.

Check out our 24-hour UFO Channel (recommended for upcoming after-virus events?), our informative Science channel, and the channels for Science Fiction, and/or Health, and/or Comedy (laughter is good for the immune system!), and of course, the Strange News channel.

The content in these channels will grow so check back to see what’s playing. You may see fewer posts as we focus on filling these channels with the most useful and interesting content.

Enjoy and stay healthy.

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