35 Foot Humpback Whale Investigates Southern California’s Ventura Harbor

This video of a 35 foot humpback whale is one of several interesting things I’ve been enjoying finding and sharing on Instagram @truestrangenews. Stop by and follow if you are ever on that app.

[wpvideo 4TTh089f ]
On YouTube the caption of one video is “This 35-foot Humpback Whale was trapped in Southern California’s Ventura Harbor”
Another has the full story:

Published on May 20, 2017

A 35-50 Foot humpback Whale, which is not fully mature, somehow got lost inside the Ventura Harbor Marina on this weekend afternoon. This was during migration season when whales move from the colder North to the warmer Southern waters of Mexico. Ventura is part of the Channels Islands National Park Reserve.
The 11 minute video is here:

Instagram is useful for finding quick videos of true strange events.
According to Reuters, this happened a few years ago on May 20, 2017.

A 35-foot humpback whale got stuck in the Ventura Harbor in California on May 20. The whale was seen swimming in between boats as marine biologists tried to guide the stranded whale out of the marina by using underwater whale calls.

Via WashPost

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