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40ft Tic Tac UFO with “Cloaking Device” Stalked US Aircraft Carrier for Days

What the heck was the 40-45 foot flying tic-tac with a “cloaking device” that was able to hover in place and take off at the speed of a ballistic missile captured on military radar and visually spotted during training exercises over a six-day period in November 2004 off the coast of southern California and Mexico?

UFO stalked a US aircraft carrier off the coast of California for days before possibly using a cloaking device to disappear, according to a leaked Pentagon report. The report, published by Las Vegas news station KLAS, reveals new details of the November 2004 encounter including first hand reports from shocked US Navy personnel. A video of the strange object, shaped like a Tic Tac mint, emerged last December. And the report reveals further details of how the UFO was repeatedly spotted during training exercises over a six-day period off the coast of southern California and Mexico. It was initially seen on radar by the crew of the USS Princeton on November 10, who referred to it in the report as an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV).

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Leaked in 2017 along with the news of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, was a video that revealed an encounter between an F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unidentified flying vehicle. Seen along the East Coast on a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) Pod, the craft was similar to that spotted off San Diego in 2004: It was a fast-moving white oval about 45-feet-long without wings or exhaust plume. The pilots tracked the object at 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean as it flew away and simultaneously rotated on its axis. Whether the vehicle was a product of another country’s technology or alien airship remains a mystery.

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The key points in the military assessment are amazing:

This last video has some interesting facts. There are documented unidentified flying objects with thousands of credible witnesses.


Retired Cmdr. David Fravor spent 18 years as a Navy pilot, but nothing prepared him for what he witnessed during a routine training mission on Nov. 14, 2004.

“I can tell you, I think it was not from this world,” Fravor told ABC News. “I’m not crazy, haven’t been drinking. It was — after 18 years of flying, I’ve seen pretty much about everything that I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close.”

Fravor’s stunning retelling of his encounter off the California coast with what appeared to be a 40-foot-long wingless object that flew at incredible speeds in an erratic pattern comes as the Pentagon revealed the existence of a secret program to investigate sightings of UFOs.
The program was shut down in 2012 because of other budget priorities, according to the Pentagon.

“I have never seen anything in my life, in my history of flying that has the performance, the acceleration — keep in mind this thing had no wings,” Fravor said.


He recalled flying his F/A-18 fighter on a training mission on a beautiful Southern California day 13 years ago when things started to get strange. Controllers on one of the Navy ships on the water below reported objects that were dropping out of the sky from 80,000 feet and going “straight back up,” Fravor said.


“We look down, we see a white disturbance in the water, like something’s under the surface, and the waves are breaking over, but we see next to it, and it’s flying around, and it’s this little white Tic Tac, and it’s moving around — left, right, forward, back, just random,” he said.


The object didn’t display the rotor wash typical of a helicopter or jet wash from a plane, he said.
The planes flew lower to investigate the object, which started to mirror their movements before disappearing, Fravor said. “As we start to cut across, it rapidly accelerates, climbs past our altitude and disappears,” Fravor recalled.


“When it started to near us, as we started to descend towards it coming up, it was flying in the elongated way, so it’s [like] a Tic Tac, with the roundish end going in the forward direction … I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what I saw. I just know it was really impressive, really fast, and I would like to fly it,” he said. The disturbance in the water also vanished with object, he remembered.


“So we turned around — we couldn’t have been more than about a couple miles away — and there’s no white water at all in the ocean,” Fravor said. “It’s just blue.”

“He gets close enough to see a couple of objects come out of the bottom, and then all of a sudden it takes off and goes right off the side of the screen and, like, takes off,” Fravor said.
He recalled that the speed of the object, which he said had no exhaust trail in infrared scanning, was stunning.


“No aircraft that we know of can fly at those speeds, maneuver like that and looks like that,” ABC News contributor and former Marine Col. Stephen Ganyard said. Fravor said there is no rational explanation for what they saw that day.


Read the full story at ABCNews

Wow. The Tic Tac May have been attempting to rendezvous with a giant underwater ship up to the size of a football field according to this:

Pilots indicated there may have been something in the water as well. One pilot detailed a disturbance up to the size of a football field:


“The disturbance appeared to be 50 to 100 meters in diameter and close to round. It was the only area and type of whitewater activity that could be seen and reminded him of images of something rapidly submerging from the surface like a submarine or a ship sinking.”

Read the full story at the HuffingtonPost

With the unknown, we always find it useful to brainstorm possible options. A few options in no specific order:

  • False blips inserted into radar with technology, like a hack. Requires reports of visual contact to be false, however, and witnesses seem quite credible.
  • Holographic technology put something visible and detectable, but not physical in the air. Requires “waves made in the ocean” report to be false and technology that we don’t know about to exist.
  • An unknown craft of some foreign government, China and Russia being the top options as world superpowers, but it could also be the UK or a few others. Requires far more advanced technology than we currently know to exist for any government including the US.
  • Some super secret compartmentalized US project known not even to the US Military. Again requires technology to be far more advanced that is thought possible.
  • The toy or invention of some independent super genius like Nikola Tesla or a team of inventors. Same concerns as above. Would require multiple breakthrough game changing technologies if human.
  • One of the above using alien technology.
  • A glitch in the matrix if this universe is a simulation.
  • Time-travelers visiting the earth, perhaps even unintentionally.
  • A group of Nazi scientists escaped with UFO technology at the end of WWII and they show up once in a while to show off how much more advanced they were than the last time they showed up.
  • Alien drones or probes visiting the earth, mostly indifferent to us and ignoring us while they try to make contact with their closer species, the whales.
  • Some past advanced human civilization, perhaps 10,000 years ahead of us, is still living hidden among us and they occasionally show themselves to get our world leaders to tell people the truth about them, that they exist, to ease us into peaceful contact.
  • Real ETs are all around us, as Robert Bigelow said on the show 60 Minutes, usually covered up, but this one got through.

This story will be interesting to watch, perhaps more details will surface.

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