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A 1950 Lecture on UFOs by Brother Manly P. Hall, 33deg

This mason’s UFO statement was made a few years after the Roswell crash of 1947, but I think what it is saying is still useful and informative today.

Following is a rare historical gem. Quite probably the only copy extant, it is a 12-page set of typed notes from a 1950 lecture on the subject of UFOs by one Manly Palmer Hall, 33ˆd Mason and prolific author on such esoteric subjects as magick, alchemy, occultism, secret societies, comparative religions, etc.

Although we had expected a decidedly less Prosaic Perspective to have emerged from the Magickal Masonic Mind of The Manly One, the document is nonetheless of great value in an historical psense and may or may not reflect either the genuine views or tactical obfuscations of such secretive fraternal organizations as the Scottish Rite or the Dark Brotherhood of the Langley Lodge. …

by Manly Palmer Hall (33ˆd), July 2, 1950

This morning our purpose is to analyze certain aspects of the human mind in connection with the mysterious case of the Flying Saucers….

The various things seen and described can be classified into various groups; one group consisting of the flying saucer which is round, almost round, oblong, concave and convex. That various sizes have been noted, we know, some being of no great size, and others being of considerable proportion. Then something resembling the jet propulsion machine, either without wings, or with exceedingly thin, fin-like extensions, propelled by a tremendous power from what appeared to be gills on the sides, the whole structure shaped roughly like a cigar, have also been described by several persons. Detached floating lights that are seemingly under control have also been noted. Rays, beams and lights, and such phenomena, disassociated from any visible structure have been reported. …

I’ve fast forwarded to Brother Hall’s last paragraph, but check out the whole thing if you are so inclined, at the link below.

“… The device in all probability is some highly specialized scientific structure intended to advance research. The device itself may not be the project, but some means of testing for something else, but whether it is a means to an end, or is the end itself, it is almost certainly humanly guided, humanly devised, and is being advanced in the unfoldment of necessary research into the great and powerful potentials of the planet. Beyond that I think we shall simply have to wait until Uncle Sam decides to talk, and anyone who talks before that would be doing every one concerned a great unkindness. “

via A 1950 Lecture on UFOs – by Brother Manly P. Hall, 33ˆ«.

I’m updating this right before Christmas, in 2018. Neither of my mason grandfathers ever said anything about UFOs. Unless my memory is wrong, which it may be, I did not even know that they were both masons until after they’d passed. Re-reading this now, in 2018, I wonder if they got this memo above and ignored the UFO topic to avoid doing any unkindness.

Without good guides, knowing what is the kind and right thing to do or say, (or to not do/say) is sometimes not clear. Knowing that we all lack common sense at times, I try to consult others to keep a good balance in life these days. Sometimes I feel caught in a no-win situation, however, and despite wanting to do right by and honor everyone, I can not find a way. In such cases I’ve taken what seemed in my heart to be the least bad path to balance my obligations. (Having rewritten this over and over for the past hour, trying to be as accurate as possible, I also suspect I have some form of undiagnosed autism or obsessive compulsive disorder.)

If I have helped you with something good, I am very happy to have done so. If I have annoyed you or have done you any type of wrong in any way, I apologize. Happy Holidays,


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