(Video) Food Music Strange

A Carrot and Leek Pan Pipe + Vegetable Orchestra

Creative intelligence is putting things together in new ways. Junji Koyama in this video has created a carrot flute that works.

The Nan brothers, Weidong and Weiping, in Beijing have perfected the art of making musical instruments from vegetables. Hear a Carrot and Leek Pan Pipe they created, among others, here:

The brothers learned to play conventional instruments from their father, a music teacher, when they were children. Now the pair live and work in a narrow apartment in Beijing, drilling holes in carrots, marrows, lotus roots and Chinese yams to make vegetable instruments that they perfect using an old electronic tuner.

According to the brothers, different vegetables have different scales and are therefore suited to different melodies: a sweet potato makes an ocarina, a bamboo shoot becomes a flute, a yam, a whistle.

But controlling the pitch is still extremely difficult, because changes in the air temperature, humidity and other factors can warp the shape of the holes and put the notes out of tune.

More at Telegraph

I’d buy a “CD” of music made entirely with vegetables.


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