A Disturbing Vulture Invasion

Like the first memorable scene from the Harry Potter novels, a bunch of birds have been perching unexpectedly on homes. In this case, the birds in question are not owls, but vultures, and the location was not England, but East Orange County, Florida.

Andrew and Leslie Wright do not recall seeing many vultures when they first purchased a home in the Tudor Grove at Timber Springs subdivision more than a decade ago.

Today, however, it is impossible to enter the gated community in East Orange County without encountering potentially hundreds of black vultures circling in the air, walking on top of roofs or blocking sidewalks with their wings extended.
Via Orlando

This will presumably no longer be a problem when the boy living in the closet under the stairs gets his letter?
Right after composing this post, three or four vultures flew around me as I was doing yard work. I haven’t seen them before or since, which is a very strange coincidence.

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