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A Double Mouthed Fish?

The Asian carp (bighead or silver variety) in this video seems to have two mouths and four eyes.

Does it really? It’s a real fish and this is not suspected to be any kind of a hoax, but the answer is probably not.

As it turns out, the fish doesn’t actually have two heads. It’s just quite deformed due to an improperly-healed injury or to a genetic mutation. These “eyes” at the top are actually nostrils. An Asian carp’s eyes are normally set low on its face. The second “mouth” at the bottom has been explained as a hole that formed due to the gill arches not being connected to the lower jaw.
The hole probably came about from an injury where the gill arches got dislocated from the lower jaw and tore open the carp’s flesh. A fisherman’s hook may have done it early in the fish’s life.

If the carp went back into the water, the chances of it surviving for a while longer are quite good. An abnormality like this might have made it a target for predators when it was very young, but it’s large enough now to probably avoid that (there also aren’t many natural predators for this carp in the United States).

via Inverse

Once again, things are not always as they seem.

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