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A Message from the Random Order of Possibilitarians

The Random Order of Possibilitarians is not connected with Norman Vincent Peale, but one definition of Possibilitarianism comes from Peale in 2011. He wrote “Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities. Always see them, for they’re always there.” This attitude is based on valid actual possibilities, which is not the same as saying anything is possible.┬áPeale’s popular book The Power of Positive Thinking was criticized by various mental health experts, theologians, and academics for lacking verified sources. Another chief complaint was that he encouraged self-delusion, detachment from reality, a sort of auto-hypnosis which, like any other type of fantasy, can be enjoyable yet non-productive in the real world. The Random Order of Possibilitarians views possibilities as being far more numerous than is generally acknowledged, yet they do not claim that anything is possible. A Possibilitarian of the Random Order is concerned with finding the real possibilities in situations and from experiences. This practice can give a deeply satisfying sense of creative connection to the Clockwork of the Universe, to God, or to the Simulation, but it may also be experienced with a sort of “it is what it is” determination to make the best of whatever comes. Practitioners of the Expanded Menu of Reality not only find that they can relate to unavoidable negative truths more tolerably, but they may also adjust faster and experience a courage to open doors to new positive experiences in spite of persistent obstacles. An interesting metaphysical aspect of the group is that no one ever joins it. You either aren’t one (this is most people) or your are, and you know it as soon as you hear the name. A Possibilitarian of the Random Order will have already understood that, at one layer, our universe is composed of truly random, non-deterministic quantum phenomena, and will include in their cosmology the amazing ramifications of this astonishing feature of reality. While a deterministic large scale Newtonian world is what we experience directly, there is nothing that prevents a piano from appearing at random out of thin air in an elevator. Of course, there are many other ways to get a piano into an elevator.

Enjoy the possibilities of life. The good ones. There are many!

This has been a message from the Random Order of Possibilitarians.




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