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Cave Goblin + Hellier Synchronicities

Since near the beginning of the Internet, I’ve been finding and sharing the most interesting obscure and unusual events. Back in 2004, I posted a photo (below) of a Goblin in a cave. A first I thought it must be a doctored photo, but no.

A little research showed it was a statue, a hoax, but it was fun and very memorable and it lead me to go on a cave tour  where I heard from a cave guide named Art about a real strange and scary 3-toed creature in that area of California, a creature I called the Goat Legged Creature of Calaveras County.

While in the area, I got photos of a dog’s leg with a three toed claw wound, and spoke to multiple independent witnesses (unaware of each other’s stories) who had sighted a strange 3ft high creature. There were also UFO sightings. A hunter with a gun saw the creature in the middle of a road ahead of him and he turned and ran according to two guys I interviewed. I almost entirely stopped doing the in-person research after that experience, but strangeness kept finding me. There has never been a shortage of material for True Strange News.

If you enjoyed Hellier but have never seen the True Strange News articles, just this much coincidence in one place should make you say, “Whoa, weird.” It gets stranger…

Imagine my surprise, when a new Amazon Prime show called Hellier, I just heard about and started watching a few days ago, (~Dec 2, 2019) is about paranormal investigators seeking three toed cave goblins that might be aliens or a hoax, and … they are lead to this by several freaky synchronicities.

One of these key coincidences for them is the timing of finding a post about goblins on a web site. They learn, however, that the site posts at random from an archive of about 1,700 articles. I thought, well, that’s not my site, The True Strange News Archives as it was once called, posts articles randomly, but has 13,000+ articles. Then I went to check, and when I logged in to WordPress, I saw that there are currently 1706 articles published (wow!) from which ( displays several random posts each time you visit. I didn’t even know the number until I looked. At the top are the newest posts, but below that are the random posts. Also, every new WordPress post gets tweeted out. You Hellier guys have our attention.

Here is a screenshot of my tweet to Greg Newkirk, Executive Producer of the Hellier series, about the synchronicity:

What are the odds? How many strange topic web sites publish at random from a pool of 1700 posts? Just a freaky coincidence … but from a show about freaky coincidences! Are you following this? Brilliant.

Also, before we even heard of Hellier, I very recently wrote about my seemingly paranormal experiences in using a special web page–that gives a random Wikipedia article–as a sort of Ouija board or magic 8 ball.

What a cool strange universe.

I have Amazon Prime and as I watched the Hellier show into the second season, there were so many more detailed coincidences that I became curious about the show’s inspiration and source material. See one of our previous articles about the Mothman or my Bigfoot, for example. I’ve touched on 90% of the material in the show over the years. Okay, sure, people into weird stuff get into all of this, we suppose… but how many of them also visit Mammoth caves? How many visit Mount Shasta, interview people and write about the little flat-headed people inside the mountain? How many research and write about all the goddesses that add up to the planet Venus and the connections of Pagan rituals? So many things.

Uncanny stuff. Well, as my business card for True Strange News says…

“Highly Unlikely Things Happen Every Day”

While my own Hellier coincidences are as numerous as they are unlikely, (uh… is that what I mean to say?) some say that the microphones on our phones, laptops, etc., are always on to help target advertising, plus I blog a lot, so … perhaps some AI system was involved in feeding the Hellier movie? The year predicted for an AI to be as intelligent as a human was 2029, not too far off. The line between the supernatural and the super-technical can sometimes get blurred. Just how advanced is AI at the end of 2019?

Writing things off as a trick of technology is sometimes a little too convenient, however. There are cases in my life where no technical explanation can be made to fit. (Unless this whole universe is a simulation.)

For example, I had a lucid dream and walked through a real particular tree in a particular direction in that dream. When I woke, I wrote it down as it was part of a paranormal experiment to see if another lucid dreamer I spoke to in the dream had also written about the experience. She did not recall her dreams that night, however… 10 years later got a job where I would actually walk to lunch on a path through were that tree was. At one point, I went away on a vacation and when I came back they had cut down the tree and I actually was walking through it for a while … until they put in a new tree. This made me consider that the future may echo back into the present at times.

If I’m being honest about my list of things I have experienced but can not explain, it does seem that, as in Hellier, certain things could only be caused by the future echoing into the past. My tree dream is one of the best examples I personally have of this, but there are more. One involved Tarot cards and I published an account of that on my blog previously.

I have a few more episodes of Hellier to watch. I’m really enjoying the show and wish the makers great success.

My previous short cave goblin article from 2004:


Here is a really freaky picture. Is it a Chupacabra? Is it an evil creature from the vile pits of Hell!?

No. It is a plaster goblin that was placed in a dark corner on the Cheddar Showcaves and Gorge in Somerset, England. “The REAL story behind it is that a man (“John,” 33, Bournemouth UK) went to Saudi Arabia on a business trip. He met a man who said he had seen a flash of light in a dark cave and snapped a picture, and this is the picture that came out. John obtained a copy of the picture (the locals said it was a djinn, or evil spirit) and brought it back to England in search of a buyer. It turns out that the “djinn” is part of Cheddar Showcaves, a tourist attraction which contains an attraction called “Crystal Quest.” Crystal Quest is a dark cave full of Tolkeinesque carvings, intermittently lit by strobe. Cheddar Gorge officials confirmed this and noted that many people had taken pictures of strange things in the cave, after seeing a flash of light and pointing their camera at it. You can still see this statue there. This picture was debunked in Fortean Times “Strange Days #1,” 1996, pp.27-28, from which the above information is taken. ” Of course, there may still be Chupacabras.

Update 2019 on the Cave Goblin. This guy is in the UK, not in Kentucky in the USA. Just for reference if you are watching Hellier.

“Regarding that photo of the goblin. I went to Cheddar Gorge (UK) and caves today. That critter is in fact a sculpture in an attraction here called Crystal Quest. Just thought you’d be interested to hear this!” – Rondette

via CryptoCrew

Here is Episode 1: of Hellier.

It has been an interesting journey for 20+ years trying to stay grounded and purposefully non-paranormal as a reporter while covering the weird topics on this site. That has been the goal for me, to distinguish between tricks of the mind, simple superstitious silliness, hoaxes and actual manifestations of high strangeness.

At this point, having had the extremely weird experiences and synchronicities I’ve had, my naturally skeptical mind has been expanded by many seemingly paranormal things I still to this day can’t explain. There is something to some of it; some of the stuff the Hellier is discussing is really out there.

The Hellier documentary is a great strange tour of the Rabbit Hole. Enjoy it, but also, let it be a cautionary tale.

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James Mark

is this the final one??? who knows??? quite scary.


This is a real goblin!

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