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Alert: 37 Million Face New Tornadoes, Floods

CORRECTION: The original title here said “37 million Texans” and while 37 million people were under flood warnings in multiple states, the entire population of Texas in 2019 is estimated to be 29 million according to World Population Review. As additional fact checking, last year the population of Texas was only 28.7 million. (28,701,845 – 2018 est).
UPDATE (May 4, 2019): “Deadly Flooding From Michigan to the South Damages Homes, Sends Mississippi River to 157-Year-High in Davenport, Iowa”
This still from a drone video shows how bad the flooding is in Davenport, Iowa right now:

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In the last few days 30 million have been under a flash flood warning from Texas to Illinois. Missouri is having flooding and the Mississippi River is at levels not seen in a decade.
Today, Friday May 3, 2019, severe flooding is affecting Houston Texas. One radar image at 8:40 PM EDT shows a focused line of very heavy rain. Buildings have been damaged by at least two tornadoes.

A tornado was spotted in Fayette County during severe weather on May 3, 2019, leaving behind some damage to several buildings. 

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A church was destroyed in Plum, Texas, but no one was injured.

Earlier Friday morning, Fayette County law enforcement had confirmed a tornado near Flatonia. There was also a possible tornado along Highway 71 west of La Grange, Texas, according to the SPC. 

There were reports of damage in both areas, and photos from the Fayette County EMS show structural damage to industrial buildings, trees, cars and power lines.

Fayette County EMS Director Sharon Muzny shared on Facebook a photo of a nearly destroyed church in Plum, Texas. 

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Via Facebook by Tandy Fuller

Via Facebook by Susan Pavlas

The latest confirmed tornado on Friday touched down in near Eagle Lake, Texas, just before 1:30 p.m. CDT, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). 

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Good luck and stay safe if you are in the danger zones.

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