Breaking: Riot Police Clear Protestors from HK Legislature

Update: 1:25 AM Hong Kong time. Police, followed by many journalists documenting the event, appear to have successfully cleared the now trashed Hong Kong Legislative Council building which protesters had smashed into and occupied earlier.

Large ongoing protests have continued for months and this is just the latest development as many people of prosperous Hong Kong attempt to promote democracy and autonomy from mainland China.
Previous: The situation is tense in Hong Kong as hundreds, possibly thousands of police in full riot gear are now clearing protesters who earlier in the day smashed into the legislative assembly building and occupied it. Police fired teargas initially, about an hour ago. At this writing it is now 1 AM in the heart of Hong Kong at 10 AM California time.

The protesters are now leaving as the police tell them this is their last chance to get out.
In very large numbers, people of Hong Kong have repeatedly taken to the streets to protest a bill that would turn some citizen over to the politically controlled legal system of mainland China.

On 16 June, according to claims by the organizers of the protest,[17] a historic record of nearly two million people turned out in demonstration against the extradition bill as well as the police brutality, a day after Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced a pause in the passage of the extradition bill.

The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), a platform for 50 pro-democracy groups, launched its first major protest on 31 March

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