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Ancient Giant Killer Salamander Found

This ancient giant salamander had some huge teeth, really enormous compared to all other amphibians.

When the world’s land was congealed in one supercontinent 240 million years ago, Antarctica wasn’t the forbiddingly icy place it is now. But paleontologists have found a previously unknown amphibious predator species that probably still made it less than hospitable.

The species, named Kryostega collinsoni, is a temnospondyl, a prehistoric amphibian distantly related to modern salamanders and frogs. K. collinsoni resembled a modern crocodile, and probably was about 15 feet in length with a long and wide skull even flatter than a crocodile’s.

In addition to large upper and lower teeth at the edge of the mouth, temnospondyls often had tiny teeth on the roof of the palate. However, fossil evidence shows the teeth on the roof of the mouth of the newly found species were probably as large as those at the edge of the mouth.

“Its teeth, compared to other amphibians, were just enormous. It leads us to believe this animal was a predator taking down large prey,” said Christian Sidor, a University of Washington associate professor of biology and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the UW. – SciDaily


At the time K. collinsoni was living, all the world’s land was massed into a giant continent called Pangea. The area of Antarctica where the fossil was found was near what is now the Karoo Basin of South Africa, one of the richest fossil depositories on Earth.- Science20

Here is one artist’s concept of this extinct salamander:

As we are fond of reminding people, most of the life that ever lived on earth has completely vanished because the process to make a fossil happens only very rarely. There are many entire species that will never be known.

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vincent weaver
vincent weaver

That was awesome about the animal. What was the animal called please email me

vincent weaver
vincent weaver

Are there any killer salamanders that can poison people just by touching the animal on the back ?

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