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Aptonyms: Names That Fit

You might like this. An aptonym, aptronym, or euonym is a personal name aptly or peculiarly suited to its owner. Below are some great apropos matings of a person’s name and occupation. First, dentists, perhaps the profession with the most aptonyms, or at least with the most interesting ones.

These are actual names of practicing dentists (or were when the list was compiled).

Dr. Dent, Dr. Pullman, Dr De Kay Dr. Filler, Dr. Fear, Dr. Rensch (pronounced wrench), Dr. Pick, Dr. Tusk, Dr. Drewel (pronounced “drool”), Dr. Tucek (2thChk), Dr. Chu, Dr. Shugar, Dr.P ic, Dr Les Plack, Dr. Fang, Dr. Butcher, Dr. Harm, Dr. Hurter, Dr. Toothaker, Dr. Lynch, Dr. Root, Dr. Nasti, Dr. Paine/Payne/Pain (15 entries but notably Dr.Daryl B Payne = “There Will Be Pain”), Dr. Smiley, Dr. Schotz, Dr. Hale (pronounced “hell” in southern), Dr. Bliss, Dr. Lancit, Dr. Gager, Dr. Eke, Dr. J.A.W, Dr. Spits, Dr. Mollar, Dr. Swallow, Dr. Yankum, Dr. Toothman, Dr. Screech, Dr. Phil Ing, Dr. Watamaniuk, Dr. McCavity.

Most via StudentDoctor

Here is an assortment from various sources:

  • Jules Angst, German professor of psychiatry, who has published works about anxiety
  • Michael Ball, football player
  • Joseph C. Babey is a pediatrician.
  • Colin Bass, British bassist in the rock band Camel
  • Dr. Batty and Dr. Nutter, both Psychiatrists.
  • Erica Berthalot is a Labor & Delivery nurse at Southwest Mississippi Regional Hospital in McComb, Mississippi.
  • David Bird is an Ornithologist.
  • Sara Blizzard, meteorologist (television weather presenter) for the BBC
  • Rosalind Brewer, executive at Starbucks and a former director at Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • Peter Burns is former CEO of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • Dr. Charles Butts was the spokesman for Smoke-FreeNova Scotia, a clean air and anti-smoking lobby.
  • Mrs. Heather Carb, is a bakery manager near Philadelphia.
  • Trent Courage and his brother are co-organizers of the annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim.
  • Margaret Court, Australian tennis player
  • Thomas Crapper, sanitary engineer
  • John Death was the official spokeperson for the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, the agency which investigates plane crashes.
  • Professor William F. Dolphin of Boston University is a researcher in animal bioacoustics, especially marine mammal sonar
  • Josh Earnest, the third press secretary for the Obama Administration (Stephen Colbert observed, “What a name for a press secretary. Josh Earnest. His name literally means, ‘Just kidding, but seriously.’)
  • Amy Freeze, American meteorologist
  • Severin Hacker, Swiss computer scientist, co-founder of Duolingo.
  • Nita House is a Real estate agent.
  • Igor Judge, English judge and Lord Chief Justice
  • Cara Joy: Organizer for OneTaste Burlington’s Orgasmic Meditation group.
  • Don Featherstone: Inventor of the plastic pink flamingo, who died in June at the age of 79.
  • David Mason, a master stone wall builder in Starksboro.
  • Chris Moneymaker, American poker player and 2003 World Series of Poker champion
  • Sol Price, Founder of the wholesale-price Costco chain
  • Frederick Page-Turner was a writer in 1890.
  • Francine Prose, American novelist
  • Don Popadick, the 62-year-old Canadian man arrested for repeatedly flashing visitors in Mooney’s Bay Park in Ottawa.
  • Douglas H. Ring, One of the Bell Labs engineers that invented the cell phone.
  • Marilyn vos Savant, American columnist who has been cited for having the world’s highest recorded IQ
  • Raymond Strike is a Union Leader.
  • Donald Trump, American businessman and politician whose name Slate called an aptronym because “When Trump resorts to name-calling, holds raucous rallies that draw audiences in the thousands, and employs media savvy that makes him the subject of every conversation, he is playing the trump card.”
  • Anthony Weiner, American politician involved in sexting scandals.
  • William Wordsworth, English poet and advocate for the extension of British copyright law
  • Rev. Jamyi Witch: Wiccan chaplain at the maximum-security Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisc.

If you enjoy these, there are scores more at the Aptonyms Wiki.
Do people follow their names into their professions? It seems quite possible. There is an old Roman expression: Name is destiny.

“Some scientific researchers contend that there are disproportionately large numbers of dentists named Dennis and lawyers named Lauren, that it’s not purely an accident that Dr. Douglas Hart of Scarsdale, N.Y., chose cardiology or that the Greathouse family of West Virginia runs a real-estate firm. To some degree, this has always been true: The Romans had the expression nomen est omen, or ‘name is destiny.’

Leave a comment if you’ve heard a great aptonym.

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