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Artist tries bizarre new feat: hatching chicken eggs 

Can a man hatch chicken eggs? One artist set out to find out. While attempting to hatch chicken eggs may seem harmless and funny, but there is evidence that sitting for long periods of time is risky. Prolonged sitting is associated with increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and even early death.

That’s what I thought about after laughing about this stunt for a few seconds. It reminded me that I’ve been sitting too much lately.

French artist Abraham Poincheval, who became famous for other feats, such as when he spent two weeks inside a bear sculpture and a week inside a rock, began his latest feat on Wednesday – hatching eggs.

The 44-year-old, who specializes in performance art, will mimic a mother hen by incubating 10 eggs with his own body heat inside a glass vivarium until they hatch.
He reckons the endeavor will take from 21-26 days.

“I will, broadly speaking, become a chicken,” Poincheval said last month.


For brooding hens, FYI, there’s more to it than keeping the eggs warm for 21 days. Will he know when to turn them, how much ventilation and humidity they need?

Don’t try this one at home (or work).

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