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AutoDraw: Free AutoCorrect for Drawings

Today’s true strange news award goes to a fun graphical AI. Try AutoDraw, free from Google. It’s like autocorrect, but for drawings. See if it can guess what you are trying to sketch. It can be a really useful tool for some projects. It guessed my Mona Lisa.

Google AI can now turn your crappy doodles into palatable clip art
The latest AI creation from Google is akin to autocorrect, but instead of making suggestions based on words, AutoDraw will give you clip art-esque suggestions based upon your sketches.
Using the browser-based tool’s ‘magic sparkly pencil’ icon (we believe that’s the technical term), you can draw anything you desire and the doodle bot will try its best to match the sketch to its extensive library of simple-yet-elegantly-outlined objects. Not only is the matching process pretty darn intelligent, but it works as you draw – with each finished line an array of new suggestions will appear on the top bar.
Naturally, there will be some mismatches and inexplicable suggestions, but as the tool utilises machine learning, it will theoretically improve with use, and Google has said it “looks forward to adding more” drawings in the future.
AutoDraw is the latest demonstration in Google’s series of AI Experiments, showcasing the abilities and benefits of some of the company’s more inventive creations. This particular process uses the same concept as QuickDraw, a game where the AI will guess what you’re trying to depict as you draw it, which in turn uses the handwriting-recognition technology in use by Google Translate.

Interesting that it couldn’t guess my wizard, but it suggested things in the vicinity of the concept, like dragons. Or am I reading too much intelligence into it?

Second attempt:

Ah come on, that’s totally a wizard hat. Interesting that it got the beard idea… What if I take my time a bit more and fill it in…

Hmmm. Bears? I’m no art genius, but it needs help if it can’t get my third attempt at a wizard hat. 

What I’d like to see is the ability to upload a photo of what you are trying to guess if AutoDraw is wrong several times in a row. Let us help it learn.

Google, here’s another idea, take your huge database of tagged photos, apply a drawing filter, and use those lines to teach AutoDraw. Like this or so…

Anyway, thank you, Google. I’m still quite annoyed that you, like AT&T, Yahoo, Microsoft and others, as far as we know are still giving the NSA all of our email, web searches, and everything else you have. This does not make up for that, and I’m still using DuckDuckGo for searches instead of you whenever possible, but AutoDraw is fun, thank you. 

The age of Artificial Intelligence is here and strange things are afoot ahead.

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