Award for "Most Bearded Community"

There are places in the world where every man has a beard, I would assume, and a city in Nevada would not be the first place I’d think of, but strangely enough, Virginia City, Nevada was awarded as “the most bearded community” during a beard contest in the state capitol. This would just be the state level competition for most bearded. What state would win if this were a national contest?

In this Saturday, Oct. 28, 2012, photo, Virginia City residents celebrate winning the most bearded community award during the Nevada Day beard contest at the amphitheaters south of the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City, Nev. (AP Photo/Nevada Appeal, Jim Grant)

Virginia City has emerged as Nevada’s “most bearded community” following a weekend contest.
The Nevada Appeal reports Virginia City won by bringing 57 whiskered faces to the competition held Saturday after the annual Nevada Day Parade in Carson City, the state’s capital.
The home team of Carson City had 46 bearded faces at the event.
Nevada Supreme Court Justices Mark Gibbons and Nancy Saitta served as judges of the hairy competition, along with Miss Nevada Outstanding Teen Ellie Smith of Las Vegas.
They chose winners in the community contest as well as eight other categories, including blackest beard and best salt-and-pepper beard.
via Nevada town named state’s ‘most bearded community’ – Yahoo! News.

Here’s a site with some country wide beard contest coverage:

The most facial friendly cities are getting a visit from a grooming company, Wahl and its 30-foot mobile barbershop celebrates great beards and mustaches on World Beard Day.
Top 10 ranking fuzzy-faced friendly cities:

  1. Washington
  2. New York
  3. Chicago
  4. Nashville, Tenn.
  5. Indianapolis
  6. Denver
  7. San Francisco
  8. Seattle
  9. San Diego
  10. Los Angeles

via KDVR

So, at least in 2015, it was Washington. In 2019, driving around in Washington, there are still plenty left.
What is the significance of a beard?

A beard is a sign of active testosterone in the body, and human brains recognize that as coming with the potential for more aggression.
As a result, men with beards are often seen as more angry, aggressive, or dominant, even if their personality has none of those traits.
via ArtofManliness

Strange fact: Only five presidents had a full beard while in office: only five: Lincoln, James Garfield, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, and Rutherford Hayes.

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