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UFO Bonus + Back to Meditation

Daily meditation cultivates focus, mental health and occasional insights. I’ve been too long away from it, but I’m back now.
This month, as we approach the solstice, the longest day of sun, every day I resolve to practice reading music, to meditate, to work on my 100 songs, to eat well, to get enough sleep, to take a brisk walk, to clean and organize my surroundings, to explore something new, and to connect with and help at least one friend or stranger in some small way.
What more is needed for a full life, for a fully satisfying life?
This “UFO” photo I took turned out to be a miraculous moment where someone’s solar panels made it look like there was a small sun floating in the hills. Perhaps little things like this are the rewards this simulation gives us when we are playing the game right. Watch for little bonuses today.

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