Barber Misunderstanding Results in "Pause" Haircut

A man in China supposedly showed a barber a paused video of a haircut he wanted. The barber asked if he really wanted the triangles and the man said yes. Both men misunderstanding lead to the “play” button in the paused video being cut into the man’s hair by the barber. Great stuff. I can’t confirm this strange story as true as I only speak and read English, but even so, the haircut idea funny enough that it gets a strange news award.

Recently, one Chinese guy saw a clip of a nice haircut on the internet. He paused the video and showed it to a barber who then proceeded to give a very accurate recreation.
So accurate, in fact, that it included the play button from the video being shaved into either side of the guy’s head. On Weibo, a friend explained that the barber had asked the guy if he really wanted the triangles. Not understanding the question, he had replied in the affirmative.
via Shanghiist

That play button is everywhere these days.

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