The news just keeps coming and even more details have surfaced. Ed Smith now claims that “Daisy“, the Bigfoot, has now been moved to an “examination area” where it could take up to 72 hours to conduct the examination. A press release is expected to happen within the 48 hours. Details about the creature’s weight, height, hair color and gender is still unknown at this time. Here’s what Smith posted this morning via the€ Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center Forums:

It appears that an unprecedented event is in motion, having been on the inside of this operation and now observing from the outside is a defiant change.

So here is what I know: “Daisy” has been moved to a examination area about 12 miles from the capture site at 3:17 this morning after being properly sedated. The capture site and examination area are on private property leased and or owned in order to conduct research and operations of this type. This was confirmed by a source in the Quantra Group.

Here is what I don’t know: The weight height hair color gender or location of capture. Or the health of the specimen.
Nor the actions leading up to the capture of the specimen.

Here is what I’m speculating: the examination team is continuing to assemble, examination should take 72 hours.

If they go by the plan then a decision about release or storage in a repository will be made with in 48 hours after the examination is completed.

If release is chosen then a press release should be forth coming after the examination is competed, if the specimen is sent to the repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90 days thats by the operations plan.

Reasons for moving the specimen to a repository include health issues, prolonged examination and on the darker side private investment group interests. …

via BigfootEvidence

Bigfoot is an alien drone. As soon as the reptilians realize it is captured, they will make it invisible and discredit the people who thought they’d captured it.€  They will do this by eating the bigfoot hunters and replacing them with alien look-a-likes that exhibit slightly bizarre behaviors. 😉

But seriously, I do think bigfoot may exist based on the expert testimony of Jimmy Chilcutt a fingerprint technician at the Conroe Police Department.

… highly regarded by agents of the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and state and local law enforcement agencies…

… in doing what comes naturally — being careful and thorough — he ended up rocking his own skepticism about one of the most sensational tales that routinely show up in the tabloids.

Chilcutt’s quest to squeeze more information out of fingerprints led him to develop a rare expertise in nonhuman primate prints. He tried to use his special knowledge to debunk alleged evidence of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch.

But his examination of alleged Bigfoot footprint castings didn’t lead to the conclusion he had expected. He now believes that — while some of them are fakes — some are the genuine prints of a reclusive animal that has yet to be documented and studied. – link

This is what keeps me on the lookout for scientific proof ( see Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science ) while others dismiss all Bigfoot sightings as hoaxes. I’ve dressed up in a bigfoot outfit myself and had a horror film maker film me in the woods. Even if I had a realistic costume and got the walk down so it looked real, I would not have been able to carve the very fine detail onto the fake feet in a way that would fool a real fingerprint expert into believing they were real. Look at the detail on your fingerprints… Could you carve a non-human primate fingerprint realistic enough to fool an expert onto a fake bigfoot foot? I couldn’t. Take a good look again at your own finger prints and what a steady hand it would take to make those almost microscopic parallel lines that nature gave us so we can hold onto tree limbs when it rains.

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Fred Killer
Fred Killer

One escaped in 1983. It was a very famous case.

A year later a Movie was made about the incident called Footloose.


ahhh, Let em go! This story is causing a bit of a stir in Bigfoot circles. I found it interesting to search “Red Haired Giants” – “Red Haired Giants of Lovelock, NV”.

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