Bigfoot-Shaped Rock Is A Rock, Not A Bigfoot Fossil Skull


Man Believes He Found Fossilized Bigfoot Head Standard-Examiner

This story has given us the most amusing quote we’ve heard all week and yes, we realize it’s only Monday. From Kenneth Carpenter, director of paleontology at Utah State University: “I’ll admit that it is the most head-like rock I have seen.” This statement was in response to the claims of a man who approached the Standard-Examiner offices with what he said was the petrified head of Sasquatch. He’d even brought it along to show them and displayed it proudly in the trunk of his car. The guy seems so honestly convinced and earnest (he also reports encountered a real, live Bigfoot) that it seems almost cruel when paleontologists point out that the “head shaped rock” is missing a few “key features” of a normal head, including eyes, nose and teeth. It’s an amazing example of pareidolia for sure, but nothing more than that

via Bigfoot-Shaped Rock Is A Rock, Not A Bigfoot’s Fossil Skull.

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