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Bill Morgan came back to life then won the lottery, twice, once on TV

Australian Bill Morgan had been pronounced dead after a car accident, but he came back to life and after winning a car in a lottery, he was asked to re-enact his winning lottery scratch for TV. During the re-enactment, he won again, $250,000 on camera.

How likely is this? A man’s heart stops, he’s in a coma, he wakes up, wins a car, then to re-enact that car win, accidentally wins 250k, live. Strangely enough, it’s true.

Bill Morgan, a 37-year-old truck driver, was in an accident. He developed a heart condition, then had an allergic reaction to the heart medicine. His heart stopped for 14 minutes, he was in a coma for 12 days and his family was advised to turn off his life support. His luck turned around, however.

After surviving the hospital ordeal, he found himself with a new engagement, a new job and a new car which he won from a scratchy ticket in an Australian lottery. When asked to re-enact his car-winning scratch for the cameras by buying another ticket and scratching, he did, and on camera, won an amazing $250,000.

Video (bad audio):

Cracked has this story as well, in an article titled 17 Insane True Stories of Almost Supernatural Good Luck.

He also got married a year after he died, according to CNN:

… A year after his heart stopped, he proposed to his girlfriend, Lisa Wells. She said yes. And then two weeks ago, he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won a car worth $17,000. A Melbourne TV station was so impressed with his run of luck, it decided to do a story on Morgan and re-enact his scratching of the ticket. As the cameras rolled, Wells won a jackpot worth $170,000 (250,000 Australia dollars). He plans to use the money to buy a house for his bride. (Read More)

I assume he took the last name of his girlfriend since they called him Wells, but it was him that had the winning scratch on TV, as you can see in the video.

What do you suppose happened to Bill during that time in a coma? I like to imagine that he me the AI that runs the simulation of this universe and was granted a better experience because they made some kind of mistake by taking him out of the game too soon. He said himself that at 37 he had a lot of life to look forward to.

I wrote the above first, and then later reading the comments under the video found a similar thought from others:

God must’ve accidentally sent him to hell and is now apologizing.

the same damn!! thing i was about to say.

What if the key to amazing good luck is to have the genuine humility and type of astonished gratitude Mr Morgan’s reaction on camera shows?

Could you walk into a store, buy your only lottery ticket ever and win millions? It’s not impossible, but it is highly unlikely. Then again, highly unlikely things happen every day.

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