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Brain overload explains missing childhood memories

20130524-200439.jpgScientists – and parents – have long wondered why we don’t remember anything that happened before age 3. As all parents know, no matter how momentous an event is in a toddler’s life, the memory soon drifts away and within months there isn’t even a wisp of it left.

Now a new study shows that “infantile amnesia” may be due to the rapid growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for filing new experiences into long-term memory. The study was presented Friday at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience.

While youngsters do seem to remember important events for a short time after they occur, they lose these memories as time goes by, says study co-author Paul Frankland, a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

“They can’t form stable memories of what happens in the first few years,” Frankland says. “I have a daughter who is 4 years old and because we were working on this study, I would always ask her questions about her memories of places we visited 2, 3 months ago. It’s clear that she can form memories with quite some detail. But four years from now she won’t remember anything.”…

I discovered I have some false memories of riding a bicycle in a driveway. The memory came from watching a movie of the event years later when I was older.

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jim carlin
jim carlin

actually-if the memory is associated with severe trauma or
emotional upheaval-it is imprinted and changes the brain physiology
be kind-everyone-even small children- are carrying a burden
j carlin m d


Not meaning to sound like a braggart, but just mentioning this for the sake of argument: I remember an astonishingly high amount from even before age 1. I can from memory reconstruct the home and arrangement of furniture of a townhouse I lived in up to age 2. All of this has also been externally corroborated. I believe cognitive researchers should examine people who can remember details of their lives before age 3 and see what enables them to remember such details.


apparently I was just over the age of three when we came back. I do remember that I never used to recount memories when I was thinking about stuff much though.


I have some memories from dreams and a few other memories of germany where I lived at the time and when I was living with my grandparents after we came back and moving house a few times etc… all that was way before I went to school as I remember playschool (kindergarden) in germany and after we moved back and had moved house at least 4 times.

I don’t remember much from the age of 5 till about 9 though as I had a trauma what I was 8.

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