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Multiple Quakes off Ca Coast, 3/8/2020

Update: There were two large earthquakes on off the California coast on 3/8/2020. The first was a 5.9 (later downgraded to a 5.8) felt as far away as Fort Bragg, California.

Seismologists have said that California is overdue for the “big one” but the state has been lucky so far.

There were 8 quakes at 2.4 and above listed as “Petrolia, CA” in the last two days by the USGS. The 3/8 quake listed as a 5.0 was also downgraded to a 4.9.

San Francisco “instantly became a hellscape of rubble and ruin 112 years ago today, thanks to a magnitude-7.9 earthquake and subsequent fire” that killed thousands. 

A woman who reported feeling the second large shaker tonight said she was awakened by the quake from an apocalyptic dream.

Have a quake plan.

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