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Valentine's Day, 2018: Massive Accident, "Rained Glass" on I-80 East Near Berkeley

An unusual amount of glass was reported on freeway I-80 E near Berkeley CA with many cars totaled over a 1/2 mile stretch. This was not reported by news sites elsewhere, but some of the details were strange. About 10:45 pm 2/14/2018 a reporter for called in a massive car accident, at least 10 totaled cars on Interstate 80 East near Berkeley. There were no emergency responders at the scene yet, one lane was open, traffic moving slowly and people were running from car to car. Many cars along a 1/2 mile distance appeared very damaged. There were no fires, but bad smells. Most surprising was glass shattered everywhere. It looked like it had rained glass everywhere on the freeway.

Update: There was a car accident at 10:48 pm on I-80 according to the CHP alerts for the Bay Area. Nothing in the Bay Area news yet as of 12 am.

Here is a link to supposedly realtime live traffic cams and conditions in the Bay Area.
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