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British man wanted to press charges against bacon eating cat

People are strange, when cats eat bacon. Women seem wicked, letting them so.

The ridiculous caller wanted the emergency services to take action against both his partner and her pet for the bacon burglary.

During the recording, the call handler can be heard asking the man what he wants police to do. The man replies: “I want to press charges.” He is then asked: “Against who? Your girlfriend or the cat?” and responds with: “Both of them.”

Despite the call handler explaining that a cat eating bacon is not a criminal offence, the man seems determined that someone is at fault. He says: “No but my girlfriend allowed the cat to do it.” West Yorkshire Police has brought this clip to the attention of the public in an attempt to highlight the thousands of time-wasting calls that their switchboard receives. Head of the force’s customer contact centre, Tom Donahoe, said that one in ten 999 calls did not require emergency attention.


Only in the U.K. No one would call “999” in the USA and report the allowing of bacon eating. They would, however, call 911 and report not getting the particular fast food desired from a restaurant.

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Sounds ridiculous to me… and I’m British.


Ha! Certainly this is small claims court worthy! Come on…it’s bacon!!

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