Car Upside Down, Driver Unhurt

Most interesting to me in the strange news today is a 300,000-piece 67 mph lego roller coaster in Florida and an unexpected $500,000 gift to the University of Vermont to study bees. These are interesting stories but the upside down car with the driver unhurt standing by it talking to emergency crews was the strangest thing I saw personally today. This was today in Northern California. I’m not sure how it happened, but be careful out there. It was extremely windy and the rain got crazy at times on the roads, but around the place and time this upside down car happened the weather was nice and calm.
The strangest thing I heard today was a fluid fast version of Elfelfa. This is a twisted version of english like pig latin, but you add “elf” after the first consonant or consonant cluster in a word. Example: Close would become clelfose, Lamp would become lelfamp. Animal would become anelfimal.
People sitting at a table near me were englsih speakers and were switching back and forth between regular english and elfelfa, during which time I couldn’t understand a word they said. I wasn’t eavesdropping, but the strangeness of the sounds made me pay attention when they did it. A bit of research showed that it is also known as Alfalfa in places. Here’s a sample:

What I heard was a bit like this but faster and a bit different as well. They were very fluent.
Until the next strange report.
Be well,

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