Over 300 Cats Filled Small Toronto Flat

The photos accompanying this story are amazing. I would not think so many cats could live in such a cramped space, but they do all look healthy.

Residents in nearby flats had grown concerned due to the strong smell coming from the flat.
Jeanette Lawrence told CTV News: ‘It’s so strong. It’s unbearable. You come into the hallway and you can’t breathe.’
The cats were rescued from the Toronto flat on May 4, and the work of finding new homes for all of them has now started.
They will all be vaccinated and spayed or neutered to prevent any repeat of the out-of-control breeding.
Most of the cats were in good health, with just one needing dental work.
Rescuers said: ‘The cats and kittens are doing well in their foster homes. We are so grateful to our volunteers and staff who stepped up to the plate to get cats of the apartment right away.’
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What constitutes hoarding of animals?

Animal hoarding is keeping a higher-than-usual number of animals as domestic pets without ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time denying this inability. Compulsive hoarding can be characterized as a symptom of mental disorder rather than deliberate cruelty towards animals. Hoarders are deeply attached to their pets and find it extremely difficult to let the pets go. They typically cannot comprehend that they are harming their pets by failing to provide them with proper care. Hoarders tend to believe that they provide the right amount of care for them.

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… Psychologist Randall Lockwood, a senior vice president at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said animal hoarding is a mental health issue that requires early intervention and treatment, but not criminal charges.

“Hoarders see themselves as good people doing good things, but they are blind to the fact that the animals in their care are suffering, or in some cases dead or dying,” he said. ..

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I would think local laws concerning the maximum number of pets per dwelling are good guidelines for the best interests of the pets, as long as they are well cared for.

Maximum number of pets – dogs – cats allowed in a home. The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 349 states that no person can keep more than three(3) dogs and six (6) cats in and about any dwelling unit.


Perhaps someone read this too quickly and thought the maximum number allowed was 349, in which case, they might think that 300 is just fine.

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