CBD Gives Birth To New Neurons In the Brain

CBD Gives Birth To New Neurons In the Brain

A study published in The International Journal of Neurophamacologypoints to Cannabidiol (CBD) as a cause of Neurogenesis in the brain. Specifically, this birth of new neurons occurred in theHippocampus, an area typically associated with conscious memory and navigation.

Neurogenesis is responsible for creating new neurons within the brain. These neurons process and carry information to the necessary destination.

Neurogenesis in adulthood was originally believed to be impossible, but studies have found it to occur, albeit in smaller proportions. There has been little knowledge about the importance of adult-born neurons, but more research has been performed as of recent. One common avenue of adult Neurogenesis research is its relation to stress.

There Are Many Benefits To The Process Of Neurogenesis

The production of new neurons in adulthood shows to correlate with depression. A number of antidepressants attribute their success to stimulating the process of Neurogenesis. Furthermore, multiple studies have linked Neurogenesis to levels of stress. Stress-relieving activities, such as exercising, have been found to increase the rate of Neuron production. Animal observations have shown that this production decreases when under stress.

CBD May Help Create Neurons, Relieve Stress

The research about Neurogenesis suggests that it could help regulate stress levels. Cannabis strains with high levels of CBD are typically known for relieving Pain, Stress, Anxiety, and a number of other conditions. These strains are typically Indica-dominant and some good examples would be: Cannatonic, Ghost Rider, and Frank Ocean.

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For a long time the thought was that new neurons are never created after the brain in formed, but we now know that this is incorrect.

When I was in college in the 1970’s, we were taught that no new neurons ever formed in the mammalian brain. We were born, it was argued, with all the neurons we would ever get. Yet, a decade earlier, in 1962, a young scientist named Joseph Altman had reported in the prestigious journal Science that new neurons could form. Altman went on to publish other studies, but his research was ignored and rejected. Then, in the 1970’s, another young scientist, Michael Kaplan discovered neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons) in the brains of rats. Kaplan published 19 papers on the subject, but his work met with enormous resistance, and he eventually left research science and went on to a career as a rehabilitation doctor. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that scientists accepted the idea of neurogenesis in mammalian brains and discovered newborn neurons not just in the brains of rats but in the brains of people too. Neurogenesis does not occur everywhere in the brain but is evident in the hippocampus and olfactory bulb and perhaps in the cerebral cortex. New neurons are born not from mature nerve cells but rather develop from neural stem cells that remain in our brains throughout life.

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In other words, we do not need CBD oil to form new neurons.

Neurogenesis is most active during embryonic development, and is responsible for producing all the various types of neurons of the organism, but continues throughout adult life in a variety of organisms. Once born, neurons do not divide (see mitosis), and many will live the lifetime of the animal.

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