Here are a few more close up pictures of the mouth of the Lufkin, Texas chupacabra. See our chupacabra article for more. You really can see a line of hair down this one’s back in the last photo. Sad that they shot and killed it. Better to trap one so it could be examined alive.

Stacey Womack quoted on earthfiles says, “I had a man call me last night and he said he killed one several years ago that looked almost identical to it and he has some pictures of it and he wanted me to have them and I had a message on my machine just a few minutes ago that he has the pictures. He says he’s seen them in groups of three.”

Compare these 2004 photos to our 2001 description:

“It was about four feet tall, standing erect on two legs. It was disproportionately muscular in its upper body. It had glowing red eyes, a little bit of a snout like a dog, it was hairy all over and it had long claws. It’s legs bent backwards, like a goat’s. ” –, 9/8/2001.

Also mentioned were long fangs and in our report, unlike others, there were no wings.


Could it just be an unfortunate hairless fox?

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