Claim: US Navy/NASA secretly has a fully operational Space Fleet

Is this a photo of a secret Navy/NASA space ship? 

Numerous claims have been made in recent years that support the result of one of the biggest security breaches in the history of the US military. According to reports, the US Navy and NASA have a fully operational Space Fleet.

Interestingly, these ‘accusations’ are backed up by highly ranking individuals such as Senator Daniel K. Inouye who said: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

They say that the truth is out there. But where is it? And how can we distinguish what’s important and what’s not when it comes to Alien life, UFO’s, and extraterrestrial technology – if of course, it exists?

The truth is that in today’s society, a thin line divides what is real and what is not. In the last couple of years, numerous ‘whistleblowers’ have come forward saying – and some would dare say proving – that governments around the globe have access to extremely advanced technology. In other words, alien technology.

One of the best quotes regarding alien life and ‘their’ presence comes from Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister, and the man responsible for combining the Canadian Air Force, Army, and Navy into one united force, known as the Canadian Forces. Mr. Hellyer said:

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat and decided to shoot first and ask questions after… Trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” Here is the source.


This image is used as a submarine from a game called Ace Combat, a video game series where the player takes control of fictional pilots cut up in war. A wiki page says, “The games are well-known for their massive super weapon battles which border on fantasy involving massive chemical lasers or large asteroid rail guns.”

Here is more detail:

The YNS Scinfaxi class submarine aircraft carrier is a class of two submersible aircraft carriers/ballistic missile submarines engineered and developed by the Union of Yuktobanian Republics during the Cold War (Ace Combat). With an lenght of 300 metres, they are the largest submarines ever built in the history and one of the largest warship classes in the Yuktobanian Navy. Two ships were built, YNS Scinfaxi and YNS Hrimfaxi.


Does the bottom photo match the shape in the top illustration? The first record of this image is from February 7, 2008, on a web page titled “super weapons of ace combat,” which is now removed. 

It most resembles a Typhoon class submarine deployed by the Soviet navy in the 1980s.

Also back in 2008, the photo appeared on strangemilitary.com, but in that version it had the ocean. 

There is some writing in white in the lower left corner that appears to have been partly wiped.

The thing that gets me about this, is that although it is similar to other images in the Ace Combat game, this one seems more realistic. Whoever created this image, assuming it is not real, put in more work than I think they would have needed to for the game.

Then again, we’ve seen in science-fiction and fantasy movies what incredible realistic detail some artists can create.

What do you think? Leave a comment if you know what this is for sure. If it was created for the game, tell me the name of the artist. If it is a Typhoon class submarine, where is the conning tower?

I’d like to believe there is a fully operational secret space fleet, perhaps with captured alien technology. Gary McKinnon, the UFO hacker claimed to have found some things along those lines.

He said he investigated a NASA photographic expert’s claim that at the Johnson Space Center’s Building 8, images were regularly cleaned of evidence of UFO craft, and confirmed this, comparing the raw originals with the “processed” images. He stated to have viewed a detailed image of “something not man-made” and “cigar shaped” floating above the northern hemisphere, and assuming his viewing would be undisrupted owing to the hour, he did not think of capturing the image because he was “bedazzled”, and therefore did not think of securing it with the screen capture function in the software at the point when his connection was interrupted.


Since really good artists can create photo realistic scenes of things that never have existed, Gary might just have stumbled upon someone’s science-fiction art project. We may never know.

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oh sure, “we are just explorers on a 5 year mission to explore new life and new civilizations… really, we are just scientists– no big deal…”

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