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Deputy fired shot into suspect’s gun barrel, jamming it

This is an older story but it is still amazing. What are the odds? It is intriguing that extremely improbable events like this might be proof of a simulated universe. At first, the idea sounds crazy or just absurd, but there are interesting reasons for considering the possibility that the universe is fake

Or is something fake about this story? Why don’t they show the barrel? What are we actually seeing in this photo? Bullets that have been fired don’t have a casing, so the bullet visible must be from the gun shown. Is the white area in front of the bullet supposedly part of the officer’s slug that traveled down the gun barrel? If you hit an unfired bullet with a slug from a fired bullet, wouldn’t the unfired bullet go off? 

The weapon associated with the January 2016 shooting of an off-duty Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy is seen with a bullet lodged near the barrel. It was determined that one of the shots Deputy Marquez fired from his .45 caliber handgun actually hit Meshesha’s .40 caliber handgun and traveled down the barrel. (Courtesy 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office)

… Marquez opened fire and wounded one of the suspects, later identified as Jhalil Meshesha, in the leg. The other suspect left the scene and has not been identified.

Another of Marquez’s bullets hit Meshesha’s gun, traveling straight down the barrel and disabling it.


Aurora Police Department via AP  — Investigators say an off-duty Colorado sheriff’s deputy fired a bullet straight down the barrel of a suspect’s gun, a shot they called “one in a billion.”

The detail emerged in a letter from prosecutors Wednesday announcing that Arapahoe County Deputy Jose Marquez was justified in shooting the attempted-robbery suspect, who survived. Marquez also was wounded in the January shooting and is still recovering.

The Aurora Sentinel newspaper in suburban Denver reports that Marquez was visiting his girlfriend’s apartment when two suspects approached him in the parking lot with their guns drawn.

The off-duty deputy told investigators that one suspect told him to “give it up.”

Marquez says the suspects fired first and he shot back. One was wounded in the leg and arrested, and the other got away.


Another suspect was found and arrested shortly after it happened. That teenager, 17-year-old Jahlil Meshesha, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in December.


Here’s a news video, a supposed follow up story. I’m glad for some follow up, but the resulting story avoids asking or answering any of the obvious questions.

 A closer look at the ‘one-in-a-billion’ shot

“I don’t know that that can be done again,” said Jimmy Graham, director and lead instructor of the Active Shooter Response Training Center in Centennial.

Graham is talking about the shot fired from the gun of an off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy in January that lodged in the barrel of a suspect’s gun.

“I’ve never seen an instance where the bullet actually traveled backwards back down and contacted the bullet,” Graham said. …

On Jan. 26, Deputy Jose Marquez was visiting his girlfriend’s apartment in Aurora when he was approached by two men in the parking lot who tried to rob him. The men started shooting and Marquez fired back. One of the bullets Marquez fired traveled down the barrel of the suspect’s gun, disabling it.

So, was the miraculous shot luck or skill? Jimmy Graham said good training likely improved Marquez’s chances of hitting such a small target.

Closer look? No it isn’t. It’s not the expert that is the problem, it’s the lack of reporting. The expert says nothing about what is seen in the photo because they don’t even ask him. This is why I don’t watch TV news. 

The Denver Post is out to lunch. A fired bullet is not depicted in the above photo, unless it is under the white stuff in front of the unfired bullet in the photo.

So many news organizations repost this  without investigating. 

AuroraSentinel (original story)









Something is not adding up about this. Here’s a closeup:

Here’s an unfired .40 caliber bullet.

Okay, it does look like the bullet in the gun got pushed into its casing, which is what you’d expect. Amazing.

Anyway, the gun in the photo is similar to a 40 caliber Springfield Armory XD sub-compact, a handgun with a very short barrel. says it was an XD:

Meshesha’s gun, a Springfield XD, was disabled during the exchange of fire by one of Marquez’s bullets after it remarkably traveled down the barrel from muzzle to chamber and jammed the action in what officials call a “one in a billion shot.”

The closest match is a Springfield bi-tone XD(M) which does have a 40 caliber model.

An article on TheTruthSboutGuns attempts to calculate the odds, which is interesting if not accurate.

Unlikely things happen every day.

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