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Did China Cross a Goldfish with a Berry?

This unique animal looks like a cross between a blackberry and a fish. The Black Oranda is an unusual goldfish from China featuring distinct jet-black coloration. It is sometimes called a blackberry goldfish.

It is a “currently developed color variety” of Oranda that is reportedly crossed from the black moor.

The Black Oranda is one of many varieties of what is collectively known as ornamental or fancy goldfish; Carassius auratus auratus. Originally from parts of Asia, Japan, and China, Fancy Goldfish enjoy worldwide distribution due to controlled breeding programs.

As a member of the carp family, the Black Oranda is generally quite hardy. They will do well in 30 gallon aquariums or larger, as well as backyard garden ponds of 180 gallons or more. In addition to a fine gravel bottom or well-rounded river rocks, the Black Oranda will appreciate hardy, cold water plants. Keep in mind that goldfish are diggers and will scatter the fine sand onto leaves, injuring thin and less hardy plants.


The Black Moor is known for it’s telescoping eyes and obscene physical body traits. It is one of the most popular goldfish in the aquarium industry


The head hoods and other traits on these fish are the result of years of selective breeding by humans.

They belong to the Cyprinidae familyand are believed to have originated in China; there are even earlier mentions going back to 15th century. Its origins are still under debate, but the majority of taxonomists agree that these fish are a product of crossbreeding.

The oranda has many variations. This variety can be a bit confusing and makes people think they are different species.


Although some people dislike it because they think it looks like a cancerous growth, the hood on an Oranda goldfish is very favorable among hobbyists. 


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