Dog with a tail on its face rescued (Unicorn Dog)

Heads or tails? How about both? An unusual genetic fluke resulted in what people are calling a “unicorn” dog due to what looks like an extra tail on the animal’s face. The puppy was recently rescued from the streets. Narwhal the puppy was found with another older dog in the “freezing cold” by Missouri-based non-profit Mac’s Mission. Rescuers sent him for tests and it was found that the tail is not connected to anything else and can not wag. The organization says the extra part makes Narwhal the “coolest puppy ever”. We hope he finds a great home.

It is a little known fact that we are all genetic mutants. Everyone has a few mutations that make them different from either of their parents. A slow random genetic drift is a great survival strategy for our species. It means a few of us will be immune to new devastating diseases, predators, climate changes, etc. Most mutations are not visible and do nothing useful, in part because most of our DNA does nothing.

Strangely, at least 75 per cent of our DNA is rubbish according to scientists in 2017 who studied junk dna. Or these genes may only be active during narrow windows of our growth and development. Most mutations in our functional dna are harmful, killing us before birth, or giving us various diseases, but just a few, just enough of them, give us new features with survival and reproductive advantages.  Also, most mutations are not passed on because they are not included in the cells used for reproduction.

Given all of this, you can see why, even though we are all genetic mutants, we don’t see really huge differences in the human population. We don’t have 8 ft purple human giants in one city, a few hundred cyclopses in another, etc.

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