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Dolphin Self-Awareness Exceeds Ours + Grey Aliens an Intelligent Species of Dolphins?

I’m re-working on a song titled “Save the Humans” that I wrote in High School, a song sung from the perspective of a whale or dolphin deciding that they should save us from our own stupidity. By the end of the song, they can’t even rescue themselves from us … but perhaps they can, in a very surprising way.
Unfortunately, the damage done by Fukishima (March 11, 2011) and other human environmental impacts on our world’s oceans may indeed doom the great creatures of the sea. One whale count puts the 2018 population 46.2 percent below 2017 and there was an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) declared for dolphins and whales (cetaceans) in the northern Gulf of Mexico, which, from February 2010 through March 2013 involved 905 Cetacean “strandings” in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (95% stranded dead).
Behind the song is an interesting truth, that bottle-nosed dolphins are more self-aware than chimps or humans according to the mirror developmental intelligence test.

Children start showing signs of self-recognition at about 12 months at the earliest and chimpanzees at 2 years old. But dolphins, researchers reported Wednesday, start mugging for the mirror as early as 7 months, earlier than humans. …

Diana Reiss a psychologist at Hunter College, and Rachel Morrison, then a graduate student working with Reiss, studied two young dolphins over three years at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Reiss first reported self-recognition in dolphins in 2001 with Lori Marino, now the head of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy. She and Morrison, now an assistant professor in the psychology department at the University of North Carolina Pembroke, collaborated on the study and published their findings in the journal PLoS One. Reiss said the timing of the emergence of self-recognition is significant, because in human children, the ability has been tied to other milestones of physical and social development.

Since dolphins develop earlier than humans in those areas, the researchers predicted that dolphins should show self-awareness earlier. Seven months was when Bayley, a female, started showing self-directed behavior, like twirling and taking unusual poses. Reiss said dolphins “may put their eye right up against the mirror and look in silence. They may look at the insides of their mouths and wiggle their tongues.”
Via SunHerald

In imagining where I might go with the song, this thought occurred: what if grey aliens that some people report interacting with are actually not extraterrestrials but an ancient earth intelligent offshoot of dolphins? The greys are to dolphins as humans are to chimps? Hmm. Other than some UFOs that pop into and out of the ocean, there is no reason to suspect that there could be air-breathing cetaceans with human-like bodies. Well, there is the amazing fact that ancient whales once had legs.
The ancestors of whales once strode on land on four legs, just as other mammals do. Over time, as they evolved to dwell in water, their front legs became flippers while they lost their back legs and hips, although modern whales all still retain traces of pelvises, and occasionally throwbacks are born with vestiges of hind limbs.
There is evidence that dolphins sometimes have a mutation where this ancient trait of legs reappears.
Image: Dolphin
Though odd-shaped protrusions have been found near the tails of dolphins and whales captured in the past, researchers say this was the first time one had been found with well-developed, symmetrical fins, Hayashi said.
This photo, released by the Taiji Whale Museum, highlights the extra set of fins. The tail is being held by a diver whose hand is visible at upper left.
“I believe the fins may be remains from the time when dolphins’ ancient ancestors lived on land … this is an unprecedented discovery,” Seiji Osumi, an adviser at Tokyo’s Institute of Cetacean Research, said at a news conference televised Sunday.The second set of fins — much smaller than the dolphin’s front fins — are about the size of human hands and protrude from near the tail on the dolphin’s underside. The dolphin measures 8.92 feet (2.7 meters) and is about five years old, according to the museum. Hayashi said he could not tell from watching the dolphin swim in a musuem tank whether it used its back fins to maneuver. A freak mutation may have caused the ancient trait to reassert itself, Osumi said. The dolphin will be kept at the Taiji museum to undergo X-ray and DNA tests, according to Hayashi.
via NBCNews
I enjoy the idea that we humans are not the most intelligent species native to this planet, because honestly, I often think we are too short sighted, too fearful, illogical, crazy, selfish and just plain too thick headed to avoid destroying ourselves and the planet. One of my rules in researching strange phenomena over the years is that anything you think of, someone else has very likely already thought of … and acted upon. Sure enough, after writing the above, I found someone making the comparison between grey aliens and whales:
… Theoretically it does make a lot of sense and out of all the ideas floating around about Greys this one is by far the most plausable. The most noticeable thing about Greys is their grey skin (hence the name, Grey Alien) and is very similar to that of a dolphin. Without an actual sample of a Grey’s skin this would impossible to verify, but there is more evidence to support the dolphin idea than just skin colour. The eyes of the Grey are always reported as big and with a black “eye shield” covering the pupil. On Earth, many water-based creatures evolve these to deal with low light levels found in the ocean, which would suggest Greys evolved in a low level light environment.
Another factor that suggests Greys come from Dolphin-like creatures is their very large heads. The size and shape of the cranium infer that Greys have an enlarged rear (occipital) and frontal lobe, a feature that is common in dolphins. During many abduction cases, victims often report that they were unable to move when a Grey looked in their direction, but as soon as the Grey looked away they regained physical control.
Certain species of dolphin can disable small fish using sonar, and marine biologists have found that these waves can cause significant changes at cellular level. With many years evolution, it is not that unbelievable that Greys have adapted this technique from an existing skill they gained from millions of years of evolution.
via Mark Wain
Someone with the handle DaMod had another twist on this theory that also involves time travel. Dolphins are the ancient ancestors of the greys who have come back in time to observe us.

Here’s another theory. If they are dolphins then it’s not what they are but when! Think about it this way. Humans go extinct somewhere down the line and dolphins eventually evolved to go onto land. They further evolve and bam they become grays eventually in the future. Then the grays develop time travel to study the history of the world and stumble across us the leavers of the relics (us). They then stick around in their advanced dolphin craft to study us. Long shot but hey no more than anyone else.
via AboveTopSecret

Perhaps the greys visited Roswell go make a point that everyone but me has completely missed: Roswell sounds a lot like “Rose-whale”, meaning a highly spiritually evolved whale.  Most humans know that a rose is our symbol for love. We were visited by love whales?
One final thought: What if the greys are a million years ahead of us technologically and what if they are judging us entirely based on how we treat their whale and dolphin relatives … but I’m the only one who knows it?
Thanks for tuning in. Perhaps in a few years you’ll hear Xeno’s “Save the Humans” song somewhere.

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