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DPRK’s “State of War” Declaration Is a Faulty Translation

… “from that time” becomes “from this time on” and “from this moment” little change, big difference

As much as our leaders would like them to have taken the bait, North Korea has not declared war on the South or the U.S. in response to our unprecedented provocations. So when all else fails, leave it to yellow journalism like this piece of work from the New York Times or this obviously Photoshopped image that came out this past week.

The much touted “state of war” declaration is not a declaration of war from Kim Jung Un but rather a statement of support for whatever decision he has too make from the “the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK.” It claims only they will declare themselves in a state of war WHEN their leader makes that decision showing they are completely behind him. It is a statement of support from the people and perhaps a warning to the South that the North will not fold under their attack. But not a declaration of war from Kim Jung Un. …

no one links to the actual original source of this statement. Also important to note, which is not being covered by most outlets, the statement is NOT from the usual official offices of the North Korean government but rather from “the government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK” and what that means is, it’s not so much a declaration of war as it is a statement to show€  the unified resolve of the North Korean people against the aggressive stance and provocations undertaken by the South Koreans and their masters, the United States.

But with that in mind, it may not even be an accurate translation of the statement. Ria Novosti, to their credit, caught the “mistake” from the AFP and published a retraction calling it a “faulty translation”. A noncommittal way of saying a “lie” I suppose. …

Later on Saturday, however, Russian media reported that a faulty translation might have been to blame for this apparent uptick in bellicose rhetoric.

The North Korean original statement apparently€ stressed that the country would act “in accordance with wartime laws”€ if attacked, and that “from that time, North-South relations will enter a state of war.”€ Ria Novosti

What they are saying is€ if€ they are attacked they€ will be ready€ to enter “the state of war“…

via Infwrs

Oops. Well, now you know the truth. I don’t understand war. For example, why do the hats of war need to be that big?

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Jim Carlin

I understand war

it is the most malignant game humans have invented played on the national and international playing field
the object of war is to take territory and create casualties
it takes 5 to care for 1 casualty and brings the opposition to their knees
jim carlin m d co 1st hospital company fmf chu lai vn 1965

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