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Easy genetic screening could save your life

Here’s a crowd funding project for your donations. The idea is to help identify your individual genetic differences and tell you about medications that could be dangerous or even deadly for you. The time for individualized care is now.

20130812-133330.jpg(Dr Jeffrey Rosenfeld) recently started a company named Genome Liberty that will use genetic information to help people determine which medications they should use. For a large percentage of medications, there are DNA markers indicating whether they should be used or avoided, but doctors do not routinely perform these tests.

As an example, consider the highly prescribed pain-killer codeine. Your liver converts codeine to morphine, and in people whose livers perform this conversion too rapidly, they can have an overdose of morphine. This has happened in multiple children who unfortunately died after what their doctor thought was a normal and benign codeine dose: .

As another example, there is a mutation in a condition known as Factor V Leiden where people who are given estrogen (either as birth control, or as hormone replacement) can have severe blood clots.

[The] test can eliminate these problems for patients. In order to help develop these tests and bring them to market, [they] are running a crowd-funding campaign on RocketHub:

A screening like this should be done before anyone is given a medication.

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