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Entire Internet: Real-Time Network Overview

Strange but true, did you know there are web sites where you can see the overall status of the worldwide Internet? If you like the big picture, could be useful for monitoring alien invasions, asteriod strikes, solar flare attacks and other large events that cause outages.
Another tool for the overview is by Akamai. This one shows where the action is, where most of the Internet traffic is currently going on. This one could be useful for aliens who are invading the Earth and would like to take out our major communications.
It is quite interesting to switch back and forth between the traffic map and the attack maps at this site.
If WordPress allows widgets in frames, you will see the awesome interactive real-time attack map from Kaspersky appear below. This may show current conflicts in the world when those conflicts are between waring technological nations.

Wild, and this is just what we can see as citizens. Imagine the tools at the disposal of Nation State Intelligence Agencies! As a reminder, speaking of attacks, use strong encryption and strong passwords, different passwords for each account, always change default passwords and change all of your passwords from time to time, enable two-factor authentication and consider getting a password manager if you have many passwords to keep track of. A password manager lets you store and access crazy strong 23 character passwords like “aR5MrnaCH,SS2PN]zh@4JA?” which may be overkill but remember that guessing passwords is one of the major types of attacks going on even today.

Stay safe and do good stuff,


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