Erie County witness ‘overcome with fear’ watching rectangle UFO

By | May 3, 2013

20130502-214405.jpgAn Erie County, PA, witness reported becoming fearful while watching a rectangle-shaped object crossing the sky about 9:35 p.m. on May 1, 2013, that appeared to be fluttering, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside on a deck watching a clear sky when the object was first noticed.

“When I first saw the object I thought it was a bird,” the witness stated. “Only for a split second did I think that because this object was far too large to be a bird. It was rectangle in shape and it wobbled/fluttered almost like a flag does when it’s windy. There was a white glow to it and this sighting lasted about 10 seconds.”

The witness was overcome with fear.

“My feeling when I saw this was complete fear. I couldn’t even watch to see how long I could see this object until it was out of view. I grabbed my tea and ran inside and tried to catch my breath. I became sick. I was shaky and my head felt weird.”

No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 47113. The witness included a link to a video where the object looked very similar to the object she saw. Erie County, PA, has a population of 280,566.

via Examiner

You never know about the safety of the power source they use so stay a good distance away from any UFO is my advice.

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