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Everyone … is Really a Genetic Mutant

Not all DNA mutations result in visible differences like the "wolfman syndrome," but every human has ~70 to 200 random genetic mutations. This means you are a mutant, (congratulations,) and so are all of your human relatives, meaning everyone alive today.

Depending on what mutations happened in the random luck of the draw during your biological creation, you may end up looking very different from your parents.

Usually not, but it can happen.

For a species whose numbers show no signs of collapsing, humans have a shockingly high mutation rate. Each of us is born with about 70 new genetic errors that our parents did not have. That’s much more than a slime mold, say, or a bacterium. Mutations are likely to decrease an organism’s fitness, and an avalanche like this every generation could be deadly to our species. 


A point the above article makes is that human reproduction is what determines which mutations will be passed on and which will not, at the population level. This keeps our less adaptive or less desired mutations from being passed on, unless we are awesome enough to reproduce.

For example, I'm one of the many who will be weeded out. I don't have cool wolf-like hair and I never reproduced, so my 70 to 200 unique genes will die with me. My fate is my fate.

Anyway, look on the bright side: It is fun to find your own uniqueness and to enjoy it while you are here. The same goes for everyone else you meet.

Welcome to the world of mutants.

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sowunmi kehinde



Too true.


Study of mutants and application of innovative technologies hold the key for disease free future of human race.

Gerry Seinfeld
Gerry Seinfeld

Good info. The trait is passed on. There is a family of 30 with it in Mexico, but people are ignorant and cruel so the family has not had awesome lives. One had his cat killed and they are called animals by the locals, locals who do not realize that they have just as many mutations. Thank you for sharing the truth.

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