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Fake Video is Now Indistinguishable from Real

Artificial video can now be so realistic that a jury could be convinced you confessed to using a time machine to steal Abe Lincoln's wooden teeth after clobbering him with, in your own words, "a very large bad smelling onion."

Despicable, how could you? Don't try to deny it, we saw your confession.

Systems for faking video have progressed to the point where one can type any words and get realistic looking video output of the virtual actor saying whatever you want them to say.

If you doubt you could be fooled, watch this video.


Watching this, we must conclude that completely realistic programmable virtual actors exist and can be created using computer synthesized lip sync techniques. Given this, and the deep pockets of governments, how do you know that any head of state is a real living person and not a synthespian?

What would be the point of fake leaders? Make money. Maintain the mundane. Mastermind misdirection. Distract people with political drama so they ignore the coming global superstorm of control freakism? How many of your friends and family have been drawn into debates and politics under this president?

Google trump synthespian. If you do not find this article (you certainly should,) or at least something discussing the possibility, you might consider that the idea is actively censored. Strange thing to suppress, isn't it?

This has been a test of the presidential synthespian awareness suppression system.

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Soul Gifts
Soul Gifts

So true, discernment is the key.

Soul Gifts
Soul Gifts

Poses an interesting question – who do we believe? No-one, it would seem….

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