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Family Returns Home, Finds Stranger Moved in Claiming Home as HIS Under Obscure Ohio Law

A family Ohio were in for a nasty surprised after they returned from a visit out-of-town visit to a dying relative to find someone else had moved into their house.Their outrage has now turned into a court battle, pitting them against a man who says he has the court documents to prove the house is now his.

Robert Carr moved into the home that had been occupied for 21 years, changed the locks and emptied the house.

Robert Carr: He filed ‘quiet titles’ on these properties, saying he has a right to claim them because the families who previously occupied the homes have forfeited their rights of ownership because they abandoned the property

Under new owners: This is just one of the $130,000 homes that Robert Carr has possessed under his ‘sovereign’ rights and used a ‘quiet title’. When the family confronted Carr, he showed them a document he filed with the the County Court.

It’s called a ‘quiet title’ and lays claim to the property because Carr says the family abandoned the house and gave up all their rights.

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Great law, Ohio.

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