Flaming Darth Vader on Unicycle Plays Star Wars Theme on Two Bagpipes at Once

Seen it all? Not yet. This video clip wins today’s “strangest thing I’ve seen all day” award: A flaming Darth Vader on a unicycle playing the Star Wars Theme on TWO bagpipes at once. Seriously!

Via Geekology
The performance was supposedly for International Star Wars Day, which is today … in a galaxy far far away. Who is he? Finding the answer shows that this may be from 2011:

The Unipiper is an American performance artist whose work regularly combines unicycling with playing the (sometimes flaming) bagpipes. The Unipiper first found Internet fame in 2011 when a video of him performing The Imperial March went viral. The video featured The Unipiper wearing a Darth Vader mask, while riding a unicycle and playing the bagpipes, and was subsequently featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Via Wikipedia

I’m guessing the video above is him, the Unipiper, but it’s just a guess.

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