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Florida: Decomposing Bat Alleged in Packaged Walmart Salad

Today’s strange news award: a decomposing bat salad. 🦇 🥗 

Fresh Express issued a statement after a dead bat was allegedly found in a packaged salad in Florida. 

Fresh Express is announcing a precautionary recall of a limited number of cases of Organic Marketside Spring Mix. 

The item subject to the recall is 5 oz. Organic Marketside Spring Mix marketed in a clear container with production code G089B19 and best-if-used-by date of APR 14, 2017 located on the front label, and UPC code 6 8113132897 5 located on the bottom of the container. The recalled salads were distributed only to Walmart stores located in the Southeastern region of the United States.

The recall was necessitated when Fresh Express was notified that extraneous animal matter was allegedly found in a single container of the salad. Out of an abundance of caution, all salads manufactured in the same production run are being recalled.


Transmission by eating an infected animal is “extremely uncommon”, the CDC said in a statement, but the two people were recommended for treatment out of an abundance of caution.

Neither Floridian showed any signs of rabies and both reported good health, the CDC said, adding that there have been no other “reports of bat material found in packaged salads”.



Walmart has issued a recall on a packaged salad after Florida customers found a decomposing bat inside the box.

The two customers ate some of the Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad before the bat was found, officials said. They have been tested for rabies.
The company said customers who may have already purchased the pre-packaged greens, which are sold mainly in southern states, should discard it.
Walmart also said customers can request a full refund for the product.
The two people began eating the salad before they discovered the bat, which was found in a “deteriorated condition”, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The bat was sent to a CDC lab and tested for rabies.

“Both people report being in good health and neither has any signs of rabies,” the CDC said in a statement.
The agency also advised anyone who may have already eaten one of the affected salads and found “animal material” to contact their local health department immediately.
But people “who have eaten the recalled salad and did not find animal material are not at risk and do not need to contact their health department”, the CDC added.

The salads, which bear the production code G089B19, are exclusively sold at Walmart stores throughout the southeastern US.


A minimal chance of rabies in two people who seem fine pales in comparison to a batch of Listeria-tainted Blue Bell ice cream that sickened people in four states. And a cucumber contamination in 2015 killed two people and sickened hundreds.


This pales in comparison, of course, to 20 million people needing emergency food and water right now to stay alive. Here’s a breakdown of that from one source:

Back in the USSA, we mostly still have food and we get concerned about things like this bat. 

The two people eating the salad did not see the decomposing bat until after eating some of the salad, it says. Were two people eating a salad right out of the clear plastic container? Wasn’t there an awful smell to warn them off? Was the bat “triple washed” with the salad? Strange.

In any case, do not eat bats. They can carry the worst of diseases.

Like many infections, Ebola is likely to have arisen from human interaction with wild animals. The current outbreak, which has killed almost 4,000 people, is believed to have come from hunting and eating bats. … Hunting and eating bats can lead to infection of ‘zoonotic’ pathogens, with the creatures in particular known for hosting more viruses than any other mammal.

Don’t worry, there is no Ebola in Florida.

It’s unlikely you will find a decomposing bat in your salad, but unlikely things happen every day.

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