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Updated January 2020

There are many ways to follow True Strange News and the content is a bit different depending on how you do. If you follow on Instagram you may see strange short videos and/or snapshots of the latest strange news we are currently reading. If you follow on Periscope you may catch one of our currently rare video broadcasts and you can also watch past broadcasts still available there. Follow on Pintrest for some baffling strange news headlines. Follow on Twitter for all kinds of interesting stuff including strange news from around the world. Follow or stop by our channel on YouTube (the True Strange Playlist on YouTube) for interesting videos True Strange News has watched. We add new things here form time to time. Some are embedded in our stories, others are not.

Posts on vary from a few per month to a few per day. We may change any post several times as new information surfaces, so what you read on the site right now may differ from the original post or from on another channel where we mirror or send links including Blogger, Diigo, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Instapaper, Narro, Nimbus Note, OneNote, Pocket, Reddit, Slack, Trello, Tumblr, Tritter, Weebly.

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