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German Traffic Camera Catches Speeding Pigeon

It’s outrageous that certain birds get away with so much speeding in human cities, isn’t it? In this example, a pigeon is caught on camera at 45 km/h (kilometers per hour) which for those of us reading in the US, is 27.96 miles per hour.

A speed camera on a road in a German city captured a photo identifying an unusual speeder — a pigeon.
The town of Bocholt, located on the border with the Netherlands, shared a photo that quickly went viral on social media showing the pigeon flying nearly 10 mph over the speed limit on the road.
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We assume the bird can’t read the posted speed limits, but note that it might be able to learn that skill. There was this strange article in 2016:

Pigeons Can Read — Sort of, Study Finds. The pigeons were trained to distinguish real words from gibberish. Pigeons may be sometimes likened to “flying rats,” but these birds are no dummies, according to a new study. Scientists recently taught pigeons to read — kind
Sep 20, 2016

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For now, all speeding animals are given the German “Shpeedencritteryahfine” approval, which translates to “animal pass to surpass and go fast.”

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