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Happy Elvis/Bowie/Xeno Birthday

Once again it is, today (Jan 8th), my shared birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie. This year I’m spending my birth anniversary in a snowy cabin in the woods alone in the shadow of a massive volcano, working on my 100 original songs project and daydreaming a bit.

They say the first step is knowing what you want. My current wishes: long years of good health, peace, good friends, love and music, to help and entertain people, to grow, to forgive and to heal from the past. Same wishes I’ve had most years.

If you enjoy this blog/web site and want to send me a little birthday gift, share with someone who might like the strange news awards articles and added notes I post here.

My traffic is around 200 visitors per day these days, pretty low compared to the 3,000 to 5,000 per day I was seeing before Facebook ate the Internet, but there are some occasional spikes and this notice from WordPress is fun to see:

Thanks again for enjoying the daily odd news of the world with me, and to those of you with blogs of your own that I enjoy reading, for all the likes, help, words of wisdom, poetry, music, art, humor, intel, adventures, entertainment and other great things you share.



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True Strange News
True Strange News

Thanks much. A spring birthday is good. Holyfield was amazing and had a good attitude.


Very cool birthday musical company. I, on the other hand, share mine with Evander Holyfield. Happy birthday Xeno.

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